Financial Assistance

Purpose: To enable young athletes with financial needs to play football at a cost that is affordable to them. 

Procedure: Scholarships are determined on an individual basis.  The Financial Aid Form is designed in such a way as to give the participant/guardian the ability to determine their own level of need. We ask that you contribute as much as you can to your athlete’s season. Other families are also in need of financial assistance and we try to keep costs down for the program as a whole. The more you can provide to help your athlete, the further we can stretch our scholarship dollars and keep costs down to help more families. We will offer partial scholarships up to $400.  There are requirements upon accepting a scholarship with the program. Scholarships are not always available. Please contact for more information. Scholarships are reviewed on a yearly basis and are given on a first come first serve basis as the board approves based on that year's fiscal needs. Scholarship recipients' information will be kept private unless they give permission otherwise. 

How to Apply:

Please complete a scholarship application and return to

Applications may take up to 14 days to process. Therefore make sure all applications are turned in on time for the deadline for league registrations. The Jr. Cougar President and Treasurer will review all applications and make a decision. If they can not reach a decision together, the Secretary will be the final vote after review.  These positions will be the only positions that are aware of scholarship statuses and approvals. 

When we have finished reviewing your financial aid request, we will send you an email to notify you about the scholarship amount you are eligible for, as well as information on how to complete your registration. 

Documents Required for Financial Aid Qualification

  • Approval from Fulton County Schools for Free and Reduced Lunch. *Note approval can take up to 10 days. Please make sure you are aware of all due dates with the school and the league. 

  • Please provide the above or your Georgia Peach Care card for your child or any other documentation to help document the reason for financial aid qualification. 


All players are required to participate in annual fundraising unless they opt out and pay a fee. Scholarship recipients must participate. If a rebate is given that year, they do not qualify for any rebates unless they are able to raise the total amount of annual application fees for that year.

All families are required to serve 10 hours of volunteer services (different for flag and multiple players). Any recipient of a scholarship of $250-$400 will need to volunteer an additional 10 hours of service and any scholarship under $250 an additional 5 hours of service. The service hours can easily be made up by working on the board or under a board member in a committee role. All families are still required to give a refundable non-cashed check (in the amount that is voted on for the year) for volunteer hours. You acknowledge if hours are not met the check will be deposited at the end of the season

All players are still required to give a refundable non-cashed check (in the amount that is voted on for the year) for equipment handout. You acknowledge if equipment is not returned by the due date that the check will be deposited at the end of the season. 

** If the family does not have checks, other arrangements may be made. However, it may mean payment that is returned at the end of the season. (ie: Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, money order)

Failure to abuse any part of the scholarship program or have misrepresenting statements on the application could result in the athlete or their families not being able to participate in future seasons. 

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